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February 2020:  Strongholds, by Food Nation - Solutions of tomorrow by Denmark

Denmark is a frontrunner in innovative, sustainable and effective food production. The Danish food cluster is well-known worldwide for its strongholds in areas like quality and safety, sustainability, organic production, gastronomy and the unique Danish way of collaborating. We like to share our know-how, so you can be inspired in your business.
Food Nation is continuously identifying and documenting new strongholds.


Quality & Safety - How Danish standards will benefit your business
Traceability and food safety are two essential ingredients in Danish food production. Around the world, Danish food products are synonymous with high quality, reliability and excellent hygiene. Danish food manufacturing businesses operate some of the world’s most advanced processing plants and the research and innovation capabilities are internationally renowned. As a business partner to the Danish food cluster, you will gain several strategic advantages within quality and food safety.
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Sustainability - How the Danish food cluster produces more with less
Denmark is the place to look to if you want to experience sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly food production. When doing business with the Danish food cluster, you’ll find a wealth of experience and know-how within resource efficiency and discover, how to produce more with less – whilst actually saving money. Throughout the Danish food production chain, you can find innovative, new solutions to global climate challenges for a world that soon has to feed 9 billion people.
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Organic - Get inspired by Denmark's leading organic position
Organic food production has put Denmark on the world map as the organic front runner for several years.  The widespread usage and knowledge of organic labels among both private and professional buyers keep the whole Danish value chain of organic food production on track regarding product development and in handling large scale production. As a business partner with the organic sector in Denmark, you can share and learn from our experience as the world’s leading organic nation.
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Gastronomy - Danish gastronomy can take your business to new heights
Danish restaurants and Danish food are always in development and follow the latest trends. Denmark is home to a whole new generation of chefs who are developing Danish food culture. For several years, the Danish Noma restaurant, where New Nordic cuisine was born, was considered the best restaurant in the world. Based on regional and seasonal products from the Nordic area – and making the most of what is at hand, our gastronomic development doesn’t just make your restaurant visit in Denmark more exciting; it also enhances every step of the Danish food value chain. Whether you are a retailer, food producer or Chef, Danish collaboration can inspire you to new gastronomic heights.
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Collaboration - Benefit from the unique Danish culture of collaboration
If you work in Denmark, you will immediately encounter the strengths of the Danish business culture. The unique Danish way of working allows the Danish food cluster to be ground-breaking, productive and flexible. The key is a cross-disciplinary approach with a flat hierarchy and the fact that most labour market issues are settled between employers and employees – and not by law. As a business partner to the Danish food cluster, you will benefit from our experience.
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Health - How Danish standards will benefit your business
The growing need for nutritious food products is top of mind for the Danish food sector and a core aspect of the Sustainable Development Goals. Denmark’s strengths within healthy food innovation are rooted in collaborative research and development.  As science continues to unravel the links between diet and health, new ingredients, foods and solutions are building a platform for healthier lifestyles.
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